Ensure the removal of sanctions and other impediments to the sustenance of normal and friendly relations.

In progress
Mar 2019

Zimbabwe Hires Trump-Linked Lobbyists to Try to End Sanctions March 07, 2019

Zimbabwe hired U.S. lobbyists Brian Ballard linked to President Donald Trump’s 2016 election race in a bid to have sanctions it says are hindering its economy scrapped.

Feb 2019

Britian Will Not Support Zimbabwe’s Application To Rejoin The Commonwealth – UK Minister February 05, 2019

Zimbabwe’s bid to rejoin the commonwealth has been knocked back by the United Kingdom. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been on a diplomatic offensive to charm the western so that Zimbabwe could be readmitted to the Commonwealth of nations.

Nov 2018

EU doors opening for Zimbabwe November 21, 2018

The country has been granted priority partner country status with Belgium with a Belgian trade and investment mission planned for Zimbabwe in two months time. Under the priority partner status Zimbabwe now qualifies for state to state loans and for various projects that will be funded by Belgium.

Sep 2018

Zim engages US on sanctions September 24, 2018

Zimbabwe is engaging the Trump administration over economic sanctions Washington imposed on the country nearly two decades ago, in addition to working on ways to minimise their impact on ordinary people, a senior official has said. Yesterday, Dr Mangudya said: “What is clear is that the sanctions (law), which is Zidera (Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act), has been a deterring measure on the financing institutions to participate in helping Zimbabwe. I think there is a positive attitude that we see from the banking sector here in New York. “Specifically, they are looking at Zidera as an area where they also need to assist us in coming up with solutions…

Aug 2018

EU's powerhouse Germany 'to open lines of credit for Zim' August 31, 2018

European Union’s power house, Germany, has reportedly said that it would open lines of credit to Zimbabwe nearly 20 years after the regional bloc imposed sanctions on the southern African country. According to the state-owned Herald newspaper, the commitment was made by Germany’s economic co-operation minister Dr Gerd Muller who met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare this week.