Marriages Bill SONA2018 September 19, 2018
In progress
May 2019

Cabinet approved the Marriages Amendment Bill May 09, 2019

The Amendment Bill seeks to repeal and replace the Customary Marriages Act (Chapter 5:07) and the Marriages Act (Chapter 5:11) so as to emerge with one Act governing marriages in the country.

The objectives of the Bill are, inter alia: - Ensuring gender equality; - Recognising the rights of women, youth and children; - Recognising the rights of culture groups and the preservation of culture values and practices which enhance the dignity; well-being and equality of the people; - Providing for free and full consent to marriage by intending parties; - To accord the primacy of the best interests of the child; - Prohibition of same-sex marriages; and - The recognition of the supremacy of the Constitution which invalidates, any law, practice, custom and conduct inconsistent with the Constitution.