Revisiting all MOUs signed with other Govts which are idle, gathering dust and unimplemented by various ministries SONA2018 September 19, 2018
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Aug 2019

Zim, Tanzania Sign 5 MOUs & Implement outstanding MOUs August 01, 2019

Zimbabwe and Tanzania yesterday signed five Memoranda of Understanding to strengthen their diplomatic and economic ties at the end of the three-day Eighth Session of the Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation meeting held in Harare.

Minister Moyo urged the officials to work towards completing other MoUs. "We note that there are a number of agreements and outstanding MoUs that await finalisation. I would like to urge the concerned ministries from both sides to expeditiously negotiate these important agreements as they provide the requisite legal basis for our cooperation," he said.

Mar 2019

Zimbabwe-SA to implement 45 MoUs March 13, 2019

PRESIDENTS Mnangagwa and Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday agreed to accelerate implementation of agreements covering various sectors of the economy during the third session of the Zimbabwe-South African Bi-National Commission held in Harare.

Zimbabwe and South Africa signed 45 deals covering sectors of their economies ranging from mining, trade, railways to air transport. Some of the deals were signed during the First Republic but were not implemented and the Second Republic under President Mnangagwa is keen on ensuring that they take off.