Uncover cases of money and other assets illegally externalized by certain individuals and corporates November 29, 2017
In progress
Oct 2019

ZACC goes after loot stashed in SADC October 07, 2019

ZACC has intensified its efforts to recover ill-gotten wealth from the country being stashed in foreign lands by engaging with SADC members in the fight against corruption. ZACC is set to sign Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Botswana and Zambia to facilitate the process.

Mar 2018

President Mnangagwa exposes externalisers March 19, 2018

President Mnangagwa has this morning named and shamed corporates and individuals that externalised money and ignored his call to return the loot in the past three months

Jan 2018

Looters return millions - ED January 16, 2018

Cde Mnangagwa revealed that his call for the return of externalised funds was being heeded and substantial millions had since been returned.

Dec 2017

Don’t quiz people returning externalised funds: RBZ December 23, 2017

RBZ has formally instructed banks not to question people returning externalised funds and assets for the next three months.

Nov 2017

3-month amnesty to return looted $ November 29, 2017

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has granted a three-month moratorium within which individuals and corporates that externalised money and assets are expected to bring them back.