To have the ZRP strive to ensure that all its operations and programmes will be people centered November 27, 2017
Dec 2017

ZRP scrap spot fines, reduce roadblocks December 22, 2017

ZRP has embraced the new dispensation with an array of changes in its operations, among them reducing roadblocks to just one per 100-kilometre radius and scrapping spot fines. Following the end of Operation Restore Legacy by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), the police force is now working on restoring public confidence through a raft of changes. In a memo copied to all stations from the Commissioner Operations dated December 19, 2017, the police are seeking to restore public trust and confidence.

Dec 2017

We lost public trust due to waywardness: ZRP December 21, 2017

ZRP yesterday admitted to inadequate supervision and unbecoming behaviour by some members as having eroded public trust, faith and confidence in the force. Addressing senior officers in Harare yesterday, Acting Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga said they would not hesitate to resuscitate the National Development Committee and to empower the Inspectorate Unit to enhance supervision of police activities at all levels.

Nov 2017

ZRP says will be people centred November 27, 2017

Police, who have been previously condemned for corruption, using heavy handed tactics and brutality against civilians among other acts, said their operations’ and programmes would be people centred.