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Eliminate all forms of land baronage

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Mar 2019

Gweru moves to expose land barons March 30, 2019

GWERU City Council has embarked on an forensic audit to identify illegal land deals in a development that is likely to expose land barons. The local authority yesterday issued a notice to people who bought stands in the city in the period 2009 to date and have grievances to come forward and present them to the land audit team at Town House.

Jan 2019

Land Barons Warned Off New City January 05, 2019

Government has warned people selling land within the new city boundary in Mt Hampden without consulting relevant authorities that they will be arrested. Government was also concerned that some people were undertaking massive developments within the 18 000 hectares set aside for the new city without permits.

Dec 2018

75 land barons arrested December 13, 2018

AN inquiry into the illegal sale of State land in urban areas is now 60 percent complete and so far, 75 land barons have been arrested for fraud, theft of trust funds and other corruption-related offences. Government appointed a commission to investigate the irregular sale of State land in and around urban areas in February this year.

Sep 2018

Take action on land barons in Nyatsime, Govt told September 13, 2018

Nyatsime residents are calling on Government to take action against land barons who continue to cause havoc in the area by selling undeveloped residential stands to desperate home seekers. Over 15 000 stand owners in Nyatsime housing development with offer letters from council have failed to occupy their stands after some land barons took over the land.

Sep 2018

Land barons’ homes demolished September 13, 2018

Hundreds of riot police accompanied the Deputy Sheriff evict notorious land baron Michael Mutandwa. Mutandwa, a losing Zanu PF candidate in the July 30 elections has reportedly been parceling out land belonging to diversified industrial giant CFI Holdings subsidiary, Crest Breeders and fleecing desperate home seekers of their hard earned cash. He was arrested earlier this month and is currently in prison awaiting trial for various offenses.

Feb 2018

Land Barons In Trouble As Govt Investigates Shady Land Deals Since 2005 February 01, 2018

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has installed and sworn in commissioners who will lead a commission of inquiry into the matter of sale of state land in and around urban areas since 2005.

Jan 2018

Govt bans peri-urban land sales January 30, 2018

t has emerged that these unscrupulous land dealers are selling residential stands measuring up to 2 000 square metres for as much as $45 000 in areas near Chishawasha and Crowhill. But Government said such deals were illegal and perpetrators risk being arrested and have their offer letters withdrawn.

Jan 2018

Notorious land baron in trouble over illegal sale of stands January 16, 2018

Norton land baron Cuthbert Mupame appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court on Friday charged with parcelling out agricultural land to prospective home seekers at Kingsdale Farm without government approval.