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Regularisation of all urban land allocation, with title deeds being given to all the beneficiaries

In progress
Apr 2019

Marimba Park stands to be regularised April 11, 2019

Aspindale Park property developers have started preparatory work for the development and regularisation of 2 600 residential stands covering an area of 180 hectares in Marimba Park, an area that had been parcelled out by cooperatives before it was returned to its rightful owners by Government. The property development firm has since taken over the area after getting a mandate and approval from the Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing.

Nov 2018

Title deeds for Harare South residents November 17, 2018

At least 100 000 households in Harare South are set to receive title deeds to their residential stands with the assistance of the Zimbabwe Property Owners Trust (ZIPOT) as soon as regularisation is complete, a zanu-pf Politburo member has said.