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Completely eliminate load shedding

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May 2019

Zesa introduces 10-hour load shedding May 12, 2019

Zesa has introduced a load-shedding regime that will see some suburbs across Zimbabwe going for at least 10 hours without electricity due to reduced generation at its major power stations. The power utility says this is due to reduced water levels as well as ageing equipment at Kariba Power Station, and says if the situation does not improve, the country could be forced to go for even longer hours without electricity.

Sep 2018

Zesa’s $20m transformers burden September 04, 2018

NATIONAL power utility, ZESA Holdings, requires a staggering $20 million to replace over 4 000 transformers that were either vandalised or stolen across the country. Government says thieves are stealing at least three transformers per night, making it practically impossible for ZESA to replace all of them as soon as they are stolen or vandalised due to the foreign currency pickle affecting the country. Transformer prices differ on the basis of size and capacity but the cheapest one retails at $5 000. The magnitude of foreign currency shortages in the country, and the subsequent competition for allocations by companies and individuals wanting to process international payments, implies ZESA is unable to immediately replace transformers when stolen or destroyed.