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Sep 2018

$6m ethanol project takes shape September 17, 2018

The National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe (NOIC) is targeting to complete the construction of two ethanol storage tanks with capacity of 6 million litres at its Mabvuku Depot in Harare by end of December this year. NOIC said the fuel storage gantry, which comes as Government presses ahead with ethanol blending to cut the cost of petroleum imports amid worsening foreign currency shortages, will be constructed at a cost of $6 million. In June, Government increased the mandatory blending ratio of unleaded petrol from 15 percent ethanol to 20 percent with immediate effect following significant improvement in the supply of ethanol from Green Fuel. Increasing ethanol blending thresholds has increasingly become important for Zimbabwe given growing demand for petrol, which is imported, at a time foreign currency needed for the imports is in critical short supply.

Sep 2018

IDBZ targets climate change projects September 17, 2018

The Infrastructural Development Bank of Zimbabwe is making a fundamental move of expanding its investments towards climate change projects, an official said. The bank will lobby the Government to allocate part of revenue collected from carbon tax to the facility. IDBZ has also been earmarked as a suitable institution that could manage the National Climate Fund and Green Energy Fund to be developed under National Climate Policy and the New Energy Policy respectively.