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Reduce licencing fees

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Apr 2019

Vehicle licence and insurance fees to go up April 28, 2019

Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza yesterday said vehicle licence and insurance fees will also increase. “We cannot say when, but it will be soon because the prices of everything have increased.” he said

Dec 2018

Zinara extends 50% discount for outstanding vehicle licence fees December 01, 2018

ZINARA) has said it was extending a 50 percent discount to anyone with outstanding vehicle licencing fees in a move meant to encourage unregistered vehicle owners to comply with the country's laws. ZINARA reports that almost 170 000 vehicles on the country's roads are not registered.

Government has since instructed CVR to deregister all vehicles whose licence fees have not been paid up for a period of two years. Once a vehicle has been deregistered, it will require a re-registration fee of $160 for motor vehicles and $140 for motor cycles.

Sep 2018

Zinara Offers Motorists 100 Percent Discount On Penalties September 14, 2018

ZINARA is offering motorists a 100 percent discount on all penalties for outstanding licence fees. However, the offer expires at the end of the month of September.