Empower Bank Youth Facilities for Youth projects

In progress
Mar 2019

Empowerbank disburses over $1,2 million in loans to young entrepreneurs March 14, 2019

EMPOWERBANK has to date disbursed over $1,2 million in loans to young entrepreneurs across the country with another $4 million in applications still under consideration, the bank’s board chairman Raymond Njanike has said.

"...The loan book is largely skewed towards agriculture given that our country is an agro-based economy. Added to that, the bank has a total value of about $4,3 million loan applications under various stages of the evaluation process,” Njanike said at the official opening of the Bulawayo branch on Tuesday.

Mar 2019

Empower Bank Offering $50K Collateral-Free Loans To Bulawayo Entrepreneurs March 13, 2019

Empower Bank has graced Bulawayo by opening its second branch in Zimbabwe’s second largest city- and it’s not coming with bare hands. Zimbabwe’s only youth-centric bank is going to offer Bulawayo youths collateral-free loans worth $50 000.

Mar 2019

Empower Bank Asks Youths To Come Get Loans For Projects March 08, 2019

The newly formed Empower Bank has disbursed fewer loans than it can due to lack of applications from youths for the loans. The bank says it disbursed 600 loans instead of a targeted 40,000.

Mar 2019

Empower Bank distributes 600 loans March 07, 2019

Loan uptake at Government’s Empower Bank has remained heavily subdued with only 600 loans being distributed against a target about 40 000 youth loans having been earmarked for disbursement at the bank’s inception. To date, Empower Bank has distributed more than 600 loans for youth businesses and projects but the money is still in abundance for more youths to apply for such loans.

Jul 2018

Mnangagwa relaunches Youth Empower Bank July 06, 2018

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday relaunched the youth Empower Bank, exactly seven months after former First Lady Grace Mugabe opened the financial institution’s doors to the public without a banking licence.