Governance SOE REFORMS

GMB February 5, 2019
In progress
May 2019

Silo Foods opens 84 shops countrywide May 24, 2019

SILO Foods Industries, which started operating as a fully-fledged commercial business unit in April this year, now has 84 shops countrywide. Silo Foods was established to stabilise foodstuffs prices on the market. The product range include mealie-meal, rice and sugar beans, salt, samp, bran, peanut butter, kapenta, Pearl Millet grain, flour, mixed fruit jam, coffee, maputi, and popcorn.

Mar 2019

Silo Food Industries to begin operations 1 April 2019 March 26, 2019

The minister highlighted that the following steps of progress had been made towards operationalisation of Silo Food Industries: 1) That Silo Food Industries is set to begin operations in its new status from 1 April 2019 2) That various institutions have already expressed interest to partner Silo Food Industries; and 3) That Silo Food Industries requires US$54,7 million and RTGS $40 million to finance its operations over a 5-year period. Taking into cognisance the critical role Silo Food Industries is set to play in the economy, Cabinet approved the following: 1) That the process of appointing the Silo Food Industries Board be expedited to give necessary strategic guidance and oversight to the entity. 2) That the funding proposals from potential strategic partners for Silo Food Industries be submitted for consideration and approval by Government; and 3) That Government’s minimum equity holding in Silo Food Industries be 26 percent.

Feb 2019

Cabinet resolves to reform GMB February 05, 2019

GMB to be split into two entities, that is, the arm responsible for the Strategic Grain Reserve function and the creation of Silo Food Industries as a commercial business entity.