Review foreign business travel practices December 8, 2017
In progress
Dec 2017

Treasury enforces travel controls December 30, 2017

According to Secretary for Finance and Economic Planning Mr Willard Manungo, “We are enforcing travel (controls) in terms of granting Cabinet authority. When one applies to the Office of the President for authority (to travel), a similar application is routed to Treasury. Therefore, we are tightening numbers and types of delegations, insisting on justification of travel. “We are now saying: ‘Don’t we have diplomatic representation?’ If the answer is yes, we will ask: ‘Do we need to send someone from Harare? Can the people already there represent the country?’ Another issue is: if people are (travelling out of the country), how many should go?”

Dec 2017

Mnangagwa Pulls New ‘Magufuli’ Shocker Flies Economy Class December 22, 2017

President Emmerson Mnangagwa continues to play the “pro poor” Magufuli radical card, achange from former President Robert Mugabe as he today flew in a low cost scheduled flight from Harare to Johannesburg.