Local Authorities to allocate 70% of their revenues towards service delivery and 30% towards employment costs December 7, 2017
In progress
Feb 2018

City of Harare wage bill too high February 12, 2018

Harare mayor Benard Manyenyeni has argued that the city's exorbitant wage bill should be attended to immediately if service delivery is to improve. "The city's wage bill is the elephant in the room and until that is addressed we will continue to have problems. if it was cut by at least 40% we would be able to provide decent services for the ratepayers," Manyenyeni said.

Feb 2018

Chinamasa reads riot act to wasteful councils February 07, 2018

Chinamasa said under the new political dispensation local authorities will no longer be mere employers but service providers. He added that councils countrywide were spending 90% of their collected revenue on salaries.

Dec 2017

Local authorities to submit remuneration frameworks December 30, 2017

Secretary for Finance and Economic Planning Mr Willard Manungo said parastatals and local authorities were also required to submit their remuneration frameworks to curb revenue leakages.